Transfer Video Tapes to DVD – Information for all VHS tapes

Our transfer process digitally remasters and repairs your film as it transfers it to DVD. The end result is a dramatic improvement on both the visual and audio quality. Tapes which had been unwatchable due to tracking problems or had washed out colours and fuzzy flecks in them are transformed, and in many cases to their former glory.

If you would like to know what we do, here is some technical information about our Camcorder Enhanced and Premier Service.

Clean, Stabilize and Preserve Analog Video

Our system employs advanced 3D Y/C separation, 3D noise reduction and Line Time Base Correction (LTBC) functions for perfect frame synchronization. Poor analog source video is filtered and stabilized prior to DV conversion. It is also ideal for “cleaning” old analog video and output back to analog tape.

Proven DV Codec Technology

At the heart of our system is the proprietary DV codec chip, providing the industry’s best picture quality preservation during analog-to-DV and DV-to-analog conversion.

Advanced Image Enhancement Features

2D/3D Y/C separation. 2D Y/C separation separates Brightness (Y) and Chrominance (C) from the composite source signal by one frame. Our 3D Y/C separation, separates by cross-referencing each frame with the frames immediately in front and behind, further refining and improving the overall image quality.

enhance vhs

Brightness and colour adjustments –

Separates brightness (y) and colour (c) signs to provide cleaner video


Digital 3D noise reduction –

Eliminates noise in the analog video signal by detecting noise based on the characteristics


vhs enhancements

Digital 3D frame synchroniser –

Stores incoming signals into a frame buffer to supply a stable, synchronised signal to the DV encoder chip. Digital Line Time Base Corrector (LTBC) – Detects images with strong horizontal jitters and employs powerful correction methods to repair the jitter.
Removes any sudden noise by comparing previous and subsequent frames.

Digital Auto Gain Control (AGC) –

Automatically adjusts the input video level for a clearer picture.