Convert your old VHS and Camcorder Tapes

Do you have an old VHS tapes in your loft, garage or cupboard gathering dust?  Maybe you have a box full of camcorder tapes with formats such as VHS-C, Video8, Hi8 or MiniDV?

Sadly, all video tape will deteriorate with age and will eventually be unwatchable.  We professionally transfer and convert your precious video memories to DVD, USB (.MP4) or Hard Drive (.MOV ProRes) files.  Once your video tapes are transferred, the video quality will never degrade and you can preserve your memories for all time.

We can also enhance ageing tapes, improve picture and sound quality and edit tapes.  You may be just looking for a direct tape to DVD transfer or for an edited DVD with picture and sound improved.   We have options for all your requirements.

Recognise these?


We can convert all of these to DVD, so why wait any longer? 

Standard Transfer – £20 ;

  • Standard DVD to watch on your TV
  • Single tape to single DVD as a direct transfer
  • Personalised DVD and full sized DVD case
  • Max 2hrs per DVD
  • Additional DVD per tape £10 per 2 hours
  • Extra DVD copies – £8

Order Standard

Enhanced DVD – £40 ;

  • Standard DVD to watch on your TV
  • Picture & Sound enhanced where possible
  • Gaps & blank removed and front title added
  • Personalised DVD and full sized DVD case
  • Max 1.5 hours per DVD
  • Additional DVD per tape £25 per 1.5 hours
  • Extra DVD copies – £8

Order Enhanced

Digital USB – £30 ;

  • Digital file to view on your computer
  • File transferable to phones, tablets & online video streaming sites
  • Single tape to USB
  • USB supplied by us

Order USB file

Digital editable video file – £35 ;

  • Editable video file for you to edit
  • Picture & sound enhanced where possible
  • Blank HardDrive or USB required, if not supplied by you we will collect a payment separately once we know the size required.

Order editable file

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