About Us


15 Years of Memories 2 Disc


Memories 2 Disc is proud to be celebrating our fifteenth year of providing professional video transfer services.

We are a family business, working from our home based studio in Exeter, Devon.

Memories 2 Disc started back in 2006 after being asked to film several  family and friends’ weddings and other occasions.

Always interested in technology, I learnt how to edit using a video editing deck as computer editing software was still in its infancy. Having my own family, I was given plenty of practice to film and edit.

In the last ten years, technology has become an essential daily part of most of our lives.

Back in 2006, there were no smart phones and tablets and you needed two cameras to take photos and video.   There were no iPhones, iPads, Playstation 3’s or Wii Consoles and Windows XP was still the latest computer software. YouTube only started the year before us. However, what has not changed is our commitment to customers and preserving their precious family memories.  All video and editing work is completed by us in house. All material you send us is handled with care, as if it were our own and we have a DBS Enhanced Certificate (previously CRB Check) last updated – July 2018. We are not a large corporate company where you don’t know who is handling your tapes. We keep in regular contact with customers by phone and email to give them updates on how their order is progressing.

We are passionate about what we do, the service we offer and being able to transfer footage to a newer format to be enjoyed for many years. A customer told me last year, he sat and watched footage from over 25 years ago of when his first son was born. He is now a grandfather, and watching the footage again brought tears of joy, being able to relive those precious moments. We don’t expect our customers to cry with joy, but being able to do something so powerful for our customers is why we enjoy doing what we do.