Photos & Slides

Put your photographs & slides on DVD

By putting your photographs on DVD, you are ensuring that they won’t crack or fade away.

We can scan any photo up to 8” x 10″ in size and 35mm slides individually up to 4000dpi to 6”x 4” print size. We scan at high resolution using professional scanners not available in High Street stores. We will also help with;

  • Image rotation
  • Cropping
  • Basic Colour correction
  • Brightness / contrast adjustment
  • Images in high resolution .jpg formatted
  • Transferred to DVD
  • Can be transferred to USB Flash Drive –  £10* (32Gb)** or to an external hard drive provided by customer or one we supply (at additional cost).

Minimum Scanning Order £30.

*price may alter over time.
**size of flash drive may alter over time.

How to get the most from your order

  1. Gather together photographs and 35mm slides from as many relatives as you can.
  2. Send everything to us
  3. We send you back slideshows for each family member.

No need to divide up the family photographs and everyone gets a full set of digital images and DVD slideshow. Split the cost with other family members and get combined savings.

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